ISO 9001:2015 Requirements from A to Z 20 [Mf] Ed.

Group: Standards
Length: 180 days
CEUs*: 1.8
Tuition: $429.00
*CEU = Continuing Education Unit

This class is for auditors, supervisors and managers who want to 1) learn about ISO 9001 requirements, 2) interpret the ISO 9001 standard, 3) apply ISO 9001 to their work situation and 4) assess the application of risk-based thinking into the quality management system. The class is based on the ISO 9001 portion of a certified lead auditor class. The class includes the ISO 9001 standard (not to be copied or shared) and over a dozen downloadable handouts such as: an ISO 9001 Checklist, a Student Textbook (Desk Reference), Study Tips, a before class assessment and after class objectives, and so on. Students must apply what they learned by completion of an assignment for marking by an instructor. The class consists of a series of lessons, illustrations, diagrams, interactive exercises and quizzes. Successful completion of the class will result in a certificate for 18 contact hours (1.8 CEU’s). The subscription period for the class is 180 days (plus one free 30-day subscription extension, if needed). The overall satisfaction rating by students who have completed this class is a rating 9 out of possible 10 (10 being very satisfied).

Learning Outcomes
Managers and auditors will able to:

  • use the ISO 9000 the vocabulary
  • interpret the ISO 9001 requirements clause-by-clause
  • apply ISO 9001 to their work situation
  • assess conformance or nonconformance against the specified requirements
  • assess application of risk based thinking


As an IACET Authorized Provider, JP Russell Learning Center offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard. Note: IACET is the International Association for Continuing Education & Training and CEUs are Continuing Education Units.