Identifying Environmental Aspects – Impacts 20[M]

Group: Standards
Length: 180 days
CEUs*: 1.2
Tuition: $279.00
*CEU = Continuing Education Unit

This course is designed to provide a simple, easily understandable, step-by-step methodology for identifying an organization’s significant environmental aspects and impacts as an individual or team project. When the class/project is complete, the resulting process and documentation will be compliant to ANSI/ISO 14001 requirements. It is intended for those tasked with identifying aspects and impacts for the organization. The step-by-step project results in real tangible deliverables yet is fun and productive, too. Identifying environmental risks and addressing them is the most important and most difficult part of implementing ISO 14001. The step-by-step methodology is so easy to understand and implement that students will participate in identifying aspects and impacts without even knowing that that is what they are doing, and by the time they are finished, will have a “workable” understanding of what significant aspects and impacts are. The course should take approximate 12 hours to complete. You will be awarded 1.2 CEUs upon successful completion of the course. 180 day subscription.

Learning Objectives
After taking this class you will be able to:

  • Explain what aspects and impacts are
  • Define “significant aspects and impacts”
  • Construct a simple methodology for identifying aspects and impacts, and putting method into practice
  • Deliver to your organization an “auditable” output that is compliant to the ANSI/ISO 14001: Standard
  • Lead your organization through the processes of identifying significant aspects and impacts
  • Produce easy-to-use forms for the various tasks involved
  • Use this information to assist your organization to identify their own significant aspects and impacts.


As an IACET Authorized Provider, JP Russell Learning Center offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard. Note: IACET is the International Association for Continuing Education & Training and CEUs are Continuing Education Units.